A new concept of Ethics Beauty

A new concept of Ethics Beauty

Principi Etici Rigorosi

From the teachings of Indian Ayurvedic science, JALA uses plants, herbs and oils to treat and balance the body and the soul and makes use of Western research to enhance the effectiveness of nature.

An innovative project in the world of natural and organic cosmetics, according to strictly ethical principles.

In the appreciation of world cultures, the line JALA embraces and combines within itself the harmony and respect for man and environment.

Made in Italy 
Jala 2010 ®
Jala è un marchio registrato di Body & Soul di Francesca Gaffuri
Via A. Manzoni 3/A Località Passo Ripe di Trecastelli (AN)
Tel. 375.5350684 
P.IVA 02361080423

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Numero REA: AN - 182322

Jala is a Body & Soul di Francesca Gaffuri P. I. 02361080423 Ripe (AN) -
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