Essential Oils and Cosmetics Bio-natural

Essential Oils and Cosmetics Bio-natural

Akasha is the expression of a thorough search of the places of origin of plants, from which more than 400 essential oils are extracted. Guaranteed 100% pure and natural, without dilution or adding synthetic components or waste oil, and free of dyes, peroxide, terpeneless or reprocessing. They are extracted from rare and valuable plants selected in accordance with the geographical and climatic bio­diversity of our planet.

The choice of Akasha represents the highest quality essential oils, organic extracts certified for the most part from plants grown wild in protected areas or farmland with traditional systems, without using pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals.

The absolute purity of Akasha essential oils is guaranteed by capilliary analysis and inspection carried out by chromatographic testing and state of the art techniques.

From this combination of factors and processes come the special formulations of essential JALA oils which are carefully selected and tested for their dermocompatibility, and combined with vegetable oils recognized for their eudermic properties, meet the diverse needs of the skin.

They regenerate and give health to the face, body, hands, hair, and restore the natural physiological balance of the epidermis.

A short massage each day, morning and evening, in accordance with the principles of BioNatural Cosmetics JALA, helps to infuse in oneself the pleasure of aromatherapy released by the essential oils, and which can also be perceived by its pleasant smell.

The calming and relaxing effect induced by the essential oils help to eliminate emotional and physical tension, often expressed in facial features and which are invariably responsible for the signs of skin aging, in addition to positively transforming moods and emotions.

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