Formula Silver Citrate

Formula Silver Citrate

Silver Citrate
Preservation and conservation course

Silver Citrate is an innovative system of conservation and preservation of Bionatural Jala cosmetic products, based on a liquid solution of microparticles of silver and citric acid.
It allows a prolonged retention of formulations, preserving them from external bacteriological action, while maintaining the natural ingredients in cosmetics which do not allow synthetic substances preservatives.
It has been tested in the laboratory that a low percentage of silver, with its antibacterial and antibiotic effectiveness, in combination with citric acid of plant origin, is able to prevent the attack of pathogens.


  • Silver citrate: silver and citric acid with potent antibacterial activity
  • Components of natural origin
  • Silver: mineral founded in nature, with the antibiotics and regenerating action of skin tissues
  • Citric acid: organic compound plant, found mainly in citrus fruits, effective natural preservative used in food preparations, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Stabilized formulation
  • High water solubility
  • Easy to incorporate into liquid and semiliquid phases
  • Excellent compatibility with cosmetic formulations.


  • Effective even in low percentage
  • Stability
  • Compatible with the skin
  • No coloured effects over the skin
  • No sensible effects over the skin
  • Wide range of sanitary application and personal care

Effective against all strains of bacteria, fungi and harmful viruses which are destroyed by contact with the Silver Citrate formula.
In vitro, one can observe the germicidal effect of silver, which can kill many microorganisms, without damage to most complex life forms and human tissues.

How does it works

Many forms of bacteria, fungi and viruses use a specific enzyme for their metabolism.
The silver acts as a catalyst, disabling these enzymes and removing microorganisms. For primitive life forms, silver is as toxic as the most powerful chemical disinfectants and there is no pathogenic organism that can live in the presence of even minute traces of simple metallic silver. Laboratory tests show that destructive bacteria, viruses and fungi are removed within a few minutes.

Silver, in colloidal form, devoid of taste and smell, becomes edible and non­toxic to the human organism. It is extremely effective against influenza, parasites, infections and fermentation and long known as an aid for digestion of food in the gut at meal times.
Many allopathic medicine and homeopathic remedies containing percentages of silver are prescribed to treat a wide range of diseases.

Hippocrates, an ancient greek physician, who lived around the second half of 400 b. C. considered the father of medicine, wrote that silver had beneficial effects and healing properties.
Before 1938, silver in colloidal form was considered one of the cornerstones of antibiotic treatment before being replaced by the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming.

Dermatologic and cosmetic applications

It is officially shown as silver is able to accelerate the reconstruction of skin tissues damaged by wounds and burns. Even at very low concentrations, the presence of silver is able to regenerate the surface layers of the epidermis marked by the natural aging process.

The return of silver in medicine dates from the early '70s, when Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of the Washington Department of Surgery, received a contribution to further research of new dermatological treatments for burned victims.

Dr. Margraf, a biochemist, worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons to find an antiseptic strong enough and safe to use on large parts of the body. The result of their studies was to find hundreds of new medical uses of silver.

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