Rites of Beauty

Everyday practices dedicated to the body, hands, hair, to rediscover their own beauty. The Essence of Body Line JALA ensures the total absence of SLS and SLES and the dermorigenerating and aromatheraputic action of the essential oil of the rose, chamomile and lavender, citrus fruit of Sicily, the extracts of calendula and lemon balm.
Combinations of olive oil, musk rose oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil and shea butter, induces a moisturizing and toning effect in the tissues.  Natural innovations and advanced laboratory research have produced noticeable results.

Made in Italy 
Jala 2010 ®
Jala è un marchio registrato di Body & Soul di Francesca Gaffuri
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Jala is a Body & Soul di Francesca Gaffuri P. I. 02361080423 Ripe (AN) -
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