The Project

JALA was born in Le Marche, in Italy, within the project of La Città della Luce (The City of Light), a study centre for holistic disciplines dedicated to the research, practice and dissemination of Bionatural disciplines, where one chooses a lifestyle that integrates physical, emotional, mental, artistic and spiritual vision, together with environmental awareness.
Through this life experience, Francesca Gaffuri over the years has matured a passion which has led her to the creation of natural cosmetic products.
Francesca personally conducts the research of the oils and essences that give life to the JALA beauty products. 
In harmony with the environment, the JALA Bionatural Cosmetics Line takes care of the body and the spirit, thanks to the natural elements all around us, that contribute to the achievement of a fundamental condition of being. 

Philosophy. Respect for people and nature

JALA is the result of a precise choice of life that finds inspiration among the surrounding hills, not far from the coast, where one only has to look in order to interact with the landscape, rich clay soil and with the patchwork of olive trees, vines, sunflowers, lavender and rosemary, a constant visual, olfactory and tactile contact which has enabled the creation of products rich in beneficial and regenerating properties.

Jala and Innerlife. Message of Wellbeing

A partnership founded on a shared common purpose: to disseminate a new consciousness and holistic ethic, in the growth of values open to everyone, and for bringing forth a new eco­conscious sensibility and a comprehensive approach to the concept of wellbeing.

Made in Italy 
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